Christmas trees

The most beautiful Nordmann Christmas trees for your home or office. Choose your desired delivery date. If you order before 3pm, we can come by as early as tomorrow. Delivery starts on 24 November.

Most sold Christmas trees

Christmas trees

High Quality and Durable.

We are happy to sell high quality Christmas trees. Our Nordmann Christmas trees have soft strong needles. Every year, we travel to Denmark to select the most beautiful Christmas trees ourselves. The Christmas trees come from a specially decorated Christmas tree field and for every Christmas tree sold, a new one is planted.

Premium and Top Quality.

The premium is the very highest grading, here we select especially for symmetry and fullness of the Christmas tree. These are super beautiful Christmas trees, true eye catchers. The top quality is beautifully full and has slightly more space between the branches. A top Christmas tree, at a very competitive price!

Christmas tree stand

The Christmas trees are pre-drilled by us before delivery for an Easyfix Christmas tree stand. With this system, your Christmas tree is upright and stable in a matter of seconds. The plastic version is made of 100% recycled plastic and our wooden crosses are reusable. When you purchase an Easyfix Christmas tree stand that holds water, you will receive a free bag of treefood from us. This keeps the Christmas tree beautiful even longer!

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Artificial trees

Grandis Fir.

The Everlands Grandis Fir artificial Christmas tree is such a beautiful and realistic tree, with a popular Nordmann look, that it can hardly be distinguished from a real Christmas tree.
Thanks to the Real Needle technology, which makes the needles look and feel real, and the flexible branches, it gives a very natural effect. Moreover, the tree is very easy to assemble because of the hinge function and the 3 or 4 separate parts (depending on the length of the tree) that can be put together quickly. To create the best natural look, the branches still need to be bent into the right position.

Norway Spruce.

If you do not want a Nordmann look, but rather the traditional Spruce we all remember so well from the old days, then choose the Everlands Norway Spruce. The Everlands Norway Spruce artificial Christmas tree is such a beautiful and realistic tree that it can hardly be distinguished from a real Spruce. Actually, this is a mix of different conifers, creating a beautiful realistic tree. Perhaps the perfect artificial tree!
The Everlands Norway Spruce artificial Christmas tree is an atmospheric tree with realistically layered branches and a nice profile. Precisely because of those layered branches, you can easily hang your Christmas decorations and there is enough room for even the somewhat larger ornaments.


So Everlands makes very realistic Christmas trees of excellent quality, with a standard 2-year warranty. By simply registering the Christmas tree with Everlands, you can even extend the warranty to 12 years.

Artificial Christmas trees

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