Christmas tree stand

Christmas Tree Home Delivery always has the right Christmas tree stand for every length of Christmas tree. Follow our advice when putting together your Christmas tree and your Christmas tree is guaranteed to be stable and perfectly straight.

Christmas tree stand

Christmas tree stand

Stable and Straight within 5 seconds.

We drill a hole in the bottom of the trunk and all our Christmas tree stands feature a metal pin. The only thing left to do at home is to put the Christmas tree on the stand/pin, which is very simple. Your Christmas tree will be stable and beautifully straight within 5 seconds.

Easyfix Christmas tree stand (Durable)

Because our Easyfix products are high quality and reusable, once you buy them, you are immediately in good shape for several years. All our plastic Easyfix water containers are made of 100% recycled material. In addition, no screws or nails remain in the tree, making it ideal for recycling in January.

Plastic and Metal. Water stands.

Our plastic and metal stands feature a water reservoir. Especially if you get your Christmas tree early, we recommend a water stand. A Nordmann Christmas tree absorbs a lot of water, which is why it stays beautiful longer. To give the Christmas tree an extra boost, you will receive a free bag of treefood (2x) with your purchase. On day 1, add the contents of the sachet to the water. On day 5, do it again. Make sure the Christmas tree is in the water for the entire period.

Wooden crosses (Reusable).

Our wooden crosses also feature a steel pin. This means there are no nails or screws involved and the tree can easily be removed from the cross after Christmas. The cross can be taken apart if necessary, but it can also remain fully assembled. Like the water stand, it is reusable and can therefore be used for several years. You can then order a Christmas tree without the stand, as we drill the hole in it for you.
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