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Buying a Christmas tree is quick and easy with Kerstboom Thuisbezorgd. See which Christmas trees are for sale below.

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Buy Premium or Top Quality Christmas trees

If you are looking for the most beautiful Christmas tree in the Netherlands, then you should order our Premium Christmas tree. You are guaranteed to have the most beautiful tree in the street. You will not find this quality at garden centres oid. If you are looking for a high-quality Christmas tree at a competitive price, then our Top Quality is the best choice. A beautiful full Christmas tree, but without all the hassle and needles in the car. Free home delivery throughout the Netherlands and ordered before 15:00 is even delivered tomorrow! Buy the best Christmas trees in the Netherlands through Kerstboom Thuisbezorgd.

Buying the right length Christmas tree

If the Christmas tree will be placed on an elevation such as a table or in the children's room, for example, we recommend Christmas trees of 100 - 175 cm. The 150-175 cm is a popular intermediate size. If you live in a compact house, this size also works out well on the ground, but in a spacious house, the tree will disappear a bit. The 175 - 200 will look good in compact interiors. Do you have more space? Then go for a larger Christmas tree from 200 cm. The average living room height is 260 cm. If the sky is the limit and you have a high ceiling, go for our 250-300 cm Christmas tree.

Which Christmas tree stand

If you get the Christmas tree early, we recommend a water stand (plastic or steel). This will keep the Christmas tree beautiful even longer. The cheapest solution is a wooden cross, with which the Christmas tree is just as stable and straight. Tip: If you opt for a wooden cross: first put the trunk of the tree in a bucket filled with water for a day, so that the Christmas tree first fills up completely and can then be placed on the cross. All our stands are reusable for several years.

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