Nordmann Christmas tree

The Nordmann Christmas tree is a popular Christmas tree. Check out our range of Nordmann Christmas trees below.

Nordman Premium

Hand-selected in Denmark. Perfection down to the last detail.

Nordmann Top Quality

Beautiful full-bodied Nordmann with slightly more space between the branches.

Nordmann Christmas tree

Why buy a Nordmann Christmas tree.

The Nordmann Christmas tree has been the most popular Christmas tree in Europe for years. A Nordmann Christmas tree has soft firm needles that do not sting. In addition, the Christmas tree is very needle-resistant. We personally select our Nordmann Christmas trees in Denmark, because Europe's most beautiful Nordmann Christmas trees grow there. In Denmark, the soil and climate are extremely suitable for Nordmann Christmas trees.

Nordmann Christmas trees come in different quality grades. Our suppliers pay attention to the Christmas trees all year round, which is why our Christmas trees have the perfect shape and are of high quality. Among these Christmas trees, we also select the best ones. So you never get a Christmas tree that is beautifully full underneath and almost bare on top. Those Nordmann Christmas trees are in fact sharply marketed by many other (online) suppliers. We don't think those are beautiful trees and are happy to supply you with a magnificent Nordmann Christmas tree!

Premium and Top Quality.

The premium is the very highest grading, here we select especially for symmetry and fullness of the Christmas tree. These are super beautiful Christmas trees, true eye catchers. The top quality is beautifully full and has slightly more space between the branches and is generally slightly less wide. A top Christmas tree, at a competitive price!

Christmas tree stand

The Christmas trees are pre-drilled by us before delivery for an Easyfix Christmas tree stand. With this system, your Christmas tree is upright and stable in a matter of seconds. The plastic version is made of 100% recycled plastic and our wooden crosses are reusable. When you purchase an Easyfix Christmas tree stand that holds water, you will receive a free bag of treefood from us. This keeps the Christmas tree beautiful even longer!
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